Sterling Silver Fox Pendant at Joanne Tinley Jewellery

Watchful Fox Pendant

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This fox is an inquisitive creature. His head slightly to one side, he carefully watches his brothers and sisters before joining in the play again.

The Watchful Fox pendant is decorated using traditional silversmithing techniques. Patterns and textures are applied by hand, bringing each one them to life, and making each one subtly unique.

Hanging from a sterling silver chain, the Watchful Fox is perfect for adding character and charm to your outfit. Ideal to give as a gift on a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, it is sure to be adored and treasured.

A Sleeping Fox pendant is also available.

Choose from either a 16” or 18” chain.


Made from sterling silver.


Each fox measures approximately 18mm by 33mm, and although they are all made to the same high standards they are all slightly different.

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